Rosa Brooks, History Speaker Series

Tenley Peterson

The High School History Speaker Series is a student-run club renewed this year during the pandemic. The students have welcomed historians, law professors, and educators, including Clifton Coates Sr., renowned public speaker, educator, musician, writer, activist, and father of history teacher Clifton Coates as well as law professor Dr. Kermit Roosevelt III, Howard University's Clarence Lusane, the former chair of its Political Science Department who talked about his upcoming book about Harriet Tubman and his recent book, The Black History of the White House,  Harvard historian and law professor Kenneth Mack, and Delegate Sean Hornbuckle (relative of Bryce Savoy ’22 of the Speaker Series Committee) from the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Just hours after the verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial was handed down the speaker series welcomed scholar and journalist Dr. Rosa Brooks to discuss her recent book Tangled Up in Blue: Policing the American City and describe her account inside the "blue wall of silence." 

At the start of the meeting, Maddie Feldman ’22 marked the enormity of the moment in her introduction. She said, “In light of recent events, the Speaker Series also hopes to host this event as an opportunity to reflect together, now that the verdict is in for Derek Chauvin’s trial and has found him guilty on all three counts. Given this event centers around American policing and criminal justice, we also want to recognize that though this verdict is a victory today, there is still a long road ahead in the fight for racial justice. Justice would mean George Floyd is still here with us, but today’s verdict is a measure of accountability to be celebrated.”

Watch the full recording below. Note: The views expressed during this presentation are those of Dr. Brooks not Georgetown Day School.

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