I am. You Are. I am From. Are You?

Danny Stock

In screen tests that would make Andy Warhol jealous, 3rd grade students presented their I Am From poems. Carefully crafted over several days in Writer’s Workshop, these poems reveal many of the most-treasured elements of students’ identity. What a great way to introduce themselves more fully to their classmates and consider what matters most to their 3rd-grade selves. Visit the video gallery!​​​


Just down the hallway, 4th graders continued their study of identity and ongoing empathy focus continued as students paired off to learn about each other and draw portraits. One class chose to encapsulate their identity details in silhouette portraits. Another created true-to-life portraits with identity artifacts surrounding them. In each class, students became experts not only on their own stories but also on the stories of their partners and their partner’s partners! View the gallery.


In 2nd grade, students have benefited from visiting panelists around several topics related to their Identity Project. First, a panel of teachers and staff members visited to talk about different kinds of families in parallel with students’ multidisciplinary learning about family structures. Recently, they welcomed panelists to talk about different kinds of hair, one fixture in their study of the social identifier appearance. As always, students have asked great questions during the sessions and have continued meaningful discussions since. Even though it’s months off still, we can’t wait to see all that they will produce by May for the culmination of the Identity Project!