Bonus Extras

Danny Stock

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Chalk Talks in the TikTok Era

Simon Isaacs, CEO of TaskForce PR, recently joined the Civic Lab for a talk in which he suggested a surprising new professional pathway for Gen-Z youth looking to drive social change: meme-making. Among the teams Simon oversees is a legion of professionals whose sole job is to create highly shareable memes that online users can search and send to others, with the end goal being higher levels of youth civic engagement. GDS High School students who participated in the Civic Lab’s “Make-A-Meme” Chalk Wall didn’t have the lofty ambitions of the democracy in mind perhaps when they added their own captions to a set of rotating images over a period of two weeks in October. But through their versatility, wit, creative insights, and winking wisdom, the memes created by these teenagers reflected a source of great hope for all of us: that is, their willingness and ability to make and remake meaning of the infinitely vast world at their literal fingertips signifies a readiness to engage in our shared future.

Women’s Varsity Volleyball Senior Night

#1 Women’s Varsity Volleyball celebrates their 7 seniors. Wonderful to have their families with us. What a remarkable season it has been!!


Community Day: Boys’ Volleyball Tournament

As the follow-up from the girls’ flag football earlier this fall, the boys have the chance to compete in a community volleyball tournament, this year held on Halloween. Needless to say, the boys could learn a few (hundred) things from our Women’s Varsity Volleyball team!


New Hallway Art in the LMS

Our hallways are lined with stunning new artwork from Lower and Middle School students.