High School Performing Arts Winter 2021

Danny Stock

Prior to Winter Break, GDS High School students presented live theater, live dance, and live music for our community for the first time in two years. GDS theater brought a production Marie Antoinette, in all its glorious, garish excess. The student-run Fata Morgana dance company presented their winter show, and GDS jazz and creative music hosted an interplanetary music celebration, with more than two hours of wacky and wonderful Sun Ra experimental music from six student bands, electronic soundscapes and video projections of the artist, spoken word of the poet’s works, and a lesson from the GDS Policy Institute Gun Debate Track. Catch up on—or relive the joy—of live arts from the GDS High School with the three galleries below.

Marie Antoinette

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Fata Morgana

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Interplanetary Music Celebration—Sun Ra Tribute

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