Halloween Collections

Danny Stock

It has been a spooktacular week at GDS. This is our wrap-up of the many Halloween-themed activities across the School.

The Middle School went full festive already in the week leading up to Halloween by launching a door decorating challenge (teaser by Donna Stallworth). The competition was judged by the 4th graders, who browsed the entries before prizes were awarded Friday morning! 

It definitely rained on our parade, but students and staff showed the virtue of flexibility and made the most of tandem indoor parades: LS joyfully toured the ground and second floors, while MS paraded on the third and fourth floors. In the afternoon, MS also enjoyed fall festival activities, including pumpkin painting, skeleton q-tip art, ring toss, and more.

Parade Gallery


Parade Recording

A great many High School students came in costume, too. During community time, they enjoyed the boy’s volleyball tournament—a follow-up from flag football played by the girls.

HS Costumes Gallery