Celebrating Athletics and the Arts at GDS

Celebrating Athletics and the Arts at GDS
Danny Stock

September 24 was a big GDS day!

Many members of the community came out to support GDS athletics and the arts.

GDS Fall Sports Saturday
Five wins in athletics—six if you count the tie between our Women’s JV Soccer team and the Faculty/Staff team. That was definitely a GDS win. Women’s Varsity Volleyball won in straight sets (3-0) as did the JV Volleyball team (2-0). Women’s Varsity Soccer and Men’s JV Soccer teams shut out the competition, going 7-0 and 3-0, respectively. Men’s Varsity Soccer also prevailed (5-1). Fans were out in full force. All this on the tails of a six-game, six-win Thursday just two days before. GDS athletics is looking #HopperStrong this season!

Photo gallery featuring photos by Kaiden Yu ’23 and Paul Higday.

Art All Night Tenleytown
For the second time, GDS participated in Art All Night Tenleytown as a gold sponsor and host of performance, visual arts, and advocacy venues on campus. (We also provided shuttle buses, which ran throughout Tenleytown until midnight). LMS visual arts teacher John Headley (and some HS student volunteers) led a community painting project all evening, just across from the GDS Plaza stage, where musical and spoken word performances brought more than 800 participants by the end of the night. High School director of jazz and creative music Brad Linde kept the venue hopping with instrumental bands and vocal performances (solos and duets). High School students from the Student Action Committee promoting some of the advocacy projects they’ll be spearheading this year, from affordable housing to climate crisis policy.

Photo gallery featuring photos by Kaiden Yu ’23.

Many thanks to our athletics team (David Gillespie, Derek Brunn, and Pam Stanfield) for coordinating our games/teams, our director of community relations Joyce DePass for organizing the day, and the Black Parent Resource Group for grilling and feeding the fans on this great day.


Celebrating Athletics and the Arts at GDS
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