Best Part of My Week with GDS

Danny Stock


If you’ve heard It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders on NPR, you may have caught a short closing segment called “Best Thing that Happened to Me This Week.” Each week, Mr. Sanders invites listeners to email him voice memos from their phones to share the moments that made their week special. We’ve heard about big moments—‘married my best friend,’ ‘passed the bar,’ ‘made a new friend at 75 years old’—and smaller, but still meaningful ones.

The heartfelt recordings are each born from a place of gratitude, and gratitude is a powerfully healing mental and emotional wellness tool. As the last 18 months has delivered disappointment upon disappointment, pausing to acknowledge gratitude is more important than ever, not only for children but also for us adults.

In that spirit, we are asking community members to share the best part of their week with us. Just send a voice recording to That’s Tell us your name and the best part of your week as a GDS parent, grandparent, student, faculty member, or friend of GDS. We’ll share some of the recordings in upcoming issues of Hopper Happenings and on our GDS Stories podcast. 

Thanks for listening. And thanks for being the best part of our community. 

Need a bit more guidance? Check out some samples below.

“Hi GDS, this is __________, and the best part of my week was…

'....when the JV Women’s Soccer team beat Sidwell in our home game. My friends and family were able to be there in person to cheer us on, and I just want my teammates to know that I love the way we played our hearts out together. I love you, guys!'

'...when my new friend who’s in my class this year and one of my best friends from last year, who isn’t in my class this year, met up on the new GDS playground without any plans and we had an amazing time together. And even though we couldn’t exactly see each other’s smiles through our masks, I knew they were ginormous. I’m so grateful for old friends and new ones, especially when they like each other, too.'

'...when I passed my bunsen burner safety test in Science. It wasn’t complicated but I’m nervous around flames and had been imagining all kinds of disasters. In the end, Michael was right next to me the whole time, coaching me through, and it was a piece of cake. I’m proud of myself and I’m actually really excited for our first real lab. Thanks for keeping me safe. Have a good week.'