All-School Welcome Back Assembly

Danny Stock

GDS students, faculty, and staff gathered last week on the new LMS field for the first all-school assembly on our unified campus. 

After a successful all-school Spirit Week the week before, many students came out decked in green and white once more. Before the festivities began, Head of School Russell Shaw spoke briefly about the GDS origin story and the moves that brought us together on a single campus.

“Part of what it means to be at GDS means to be part of a bigger story. If we go back 76 years ago, this school started in a little row house downtown with seven families. Just 12 students! Since then, the school has had eight different homes. We’ve moved a lot. Thirty-five years ago, our High School moved across the street...The place where you’re sitting used to be the parking lot of a grocery store.”

He spoke about the realization of the dream of school unification and some of what we have to look forward to as One GDS. In closing, he spoke about the Hopper Spirit of kindness, compassion, curiosity, honoring a diverse community, and working to build a better world. Then, he asked where the Mighty Hopper was...

Watch the video below!