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It’s difficult to put into one story, one photo, or one video what it’s like to be a part of the Georgetown Day School community.
The best way to get to know GDS is to visit. The second best way is to stay up to date on all the happenings and goings on! GDS News offers an insider's view.
Screenshot of virtual Middle School lockers

Take a walk down the Virtual Middle School Hallway and you’ll get a rare peek into the lockers of our 6th graders. 

Community Norms and Creativity

From both the Lower School and Middle School this week, students and teachers animated their understanding of shared community norms with joyful creativity.

Finding their Footing in Middle School

Orientation will wrap up in 5th grade this week, but it’s not just the start of a new year—it’s also the year 5th grade joined the Middle School!

Learning On Campus

Each morning this week, 25 or more students arrived for supervised Virtual Campus in well-ventilated tents just outside the main entrance to the new Lower/Middle School building.

Safety and Flexibility in Theater

GDS is pleased to announce the completed installation of perhaps the only high-strength tension grid system in any DC-area school.

Welcome to Our Virtual Classroom!

Teachers have created innovative virtual classroom spaces to introduce themselves, create a sense of shared community space, provide resources for accessing class materials, and start meaningful dialogue with students. 

Virtually Pranked

The Class of 2020 staged the first-ever GDS Virtual Senior Prank.


Building Community One Hunt at a Time


GDS students explore ability and bust stereotypes.

Print To Protect

GDS students produce protective equipment for healthcare workers

Vote For Ava

GDS's National Shakespeare Competition finalist needs your vote.

Art in Times of Crisis

"Art is one of the most powerful ways we have to express ourselves and what we see going on in the world around us."

Chalk Walk

GDS invites you on a Chalk Walk!

Screenshot of a @drjcofthedc TikTok video

From the Corona Foot Shake to the Cupid Shuffle, anesthesiologist Jason Campbell ’07 has been spreading messages of positivity.

Music for the Soul

"One good thing about music," Bob Marley said, "when it hits, you feel no pain."


Lower School smiles from a distance

Civil Dialogue

Lessons in discourse from professional development to Minimester 

Students with an architectural model making a

“No other civilization makes a better case for inclusion…” 

Group photo of students.

Model UN coach and High School history teacher Marjorie Brimley and the Model UN co-heads shared this update from the Ivy League Model UN Conference (ILMUNC).

Gratitude In Action

The MLK Teach-In Day takes place in February. STEAM Day kicks off in March. Spring is an exciting semester for rich, all-day experiential learning. So when the Middle School Community Engagement team first met over the summer, we wondered: What mission-aligned experience can we contribute to the fall semester?

GDS Expertise in Demand

GDS faculty and staff members have shared their expertise on a global level since the 2019-20 school year began.

A Winning Recipe

Model UN and It’s Academic deliver outstanding performances in competition.

Student welcoming you to Georgetown Day School

This is not just another school admissions video. And Georgetown Day School is not just another school. We invite you to discover the place where students love to learn and learn to change the world.

Students watching a movie

While our community engaged with a curated 1619 Project at the High School, 36 members of our GDS community observed the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery at the People of Color Conference.

PK/K Engineers direct construction

Children represent their experiences by using language, constructing with materials, and keeping their bodies active, all the while consolidating and understanding more and more of their raw experiences.

GDS alumni Max Labaton '16 and Will Cullen '15

GDS alumni Max Labaton ’16 and Will Cullen ’15 were named Schwarzman Scholars.

Rehearsal at Carnegie Hall

High School students have the “surreal” experience of performing in one of the world’s most iconic concert halls.

Group photo of students in matching shirts

GDS leads the way for critical culture change around sexual assault and consent.

Students in an office on Capitol Hill

Anoushka Chander ’21 and the GDS Student Action Committee move our country forward.

Play On

Twelfth Night delivers bawdy humor, jazz-funk, and much needed empathy.