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It’s difficult to put into one story, one photo, or one video what it’s like to be a part of the Georgetown Day School community.
The best way to get to know GDS is to visit. The second best way is to stay up to date on all the happenings and goings on! GDS News offers an insider's view.
GDS Expertise in Demand

GDS faculty and staff members have shared their expertise on a global level since the 2019-20 school year began.

A Winning Recipe

Model UN and It’s Academic deliver outstanding performances in competition.

Student welcoming you to Georgetown Day School

This is not just another school admissions video. And Georgetown Day School is not just another school. We invite you to discover the place where students love to learn and learn to change the world.

Students watching a movie

While our community engaged with a curated 1619 Project at the High School, 36 members of our GDS community observed the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery at the People of Color Conference.

PK/K Engineers direct construction

Children represent their experiences by using language, constructing with materials, and keeping their bodies active, all the while consolidating and understanding more and more of their raw experiences.

GDS alumni Max Labaton '16 and Will Cullen '15

GDS alumni Max Labaton ’16 and Will Cullen ’15 were named Schwarzman Scholars.

Arthur Goldschmidt and Kevin Barr took a walk down memory lane.

In continuing my stroll down GDS’s memory lane in preparation for our 75th Anniversary, I have been soliciting essays from alumni, hoping to capture their memories of GDS. 

Rehearsal at Carnegie Hall

High School students have the “surreal” experience of performing in one of the world’s most iconic concert halls.

Group photo of students in matching shirts

GDS leads the way for critical culture change around sexual assault and consent.

Student faculty member sitting with students and watching something.

Everywhere they turn, our kids are hearing about impeachment. On social media, in newspapers, and in conversations the topic is ubiquitous...

Ungoogling the Classroom

Our Communities and Change 9th grade History course is anchored on several essential questions designed to delve deeply into meanings and implications of historical events...

Students in an office on Capitol Hill

Anoushka Chander ’21 and the GDS Student Action Committee move our country forward.

Play On

Twelfth Night delivers bawdy humor, jazz-funk, and much needed empathy.

The Magic of The Policy Institute

All day long, my cell phone thrums with the texts of nine juniors and seniors. Questions, quips, emojis, links, the messages keep coming and chirp late into the night...

Ziyah Holman ’20 receives her Gatorade banner

Head of School Russell Shaw visits Monday Morning Meeting at the High School

Students playing a dice math game

“This is too hard.” “I don’t get it.” “I will never know how to do this.” Having been a teacher for 18 years, these are not unfamiliar phrases to me...

The Presence Of The Past

In his novel Requiem for a Nun, Faulkner wrote that “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” While that seems an apt explanation for the seemingly intractable cultural and political fault lines that have emerged so clearly these past few years, it’s equally true for GDS.

Head of School Russell Shaw welcoming a child to school.

Head of School Russell Shaw reminds us of the unintended consequences that can follow from trying to solve our children’s problems for them.

A group photo of the student soccer team.

Women’s Varsity Soccer Notches a #3 Ranking in the DMV

Three track athletes standing together.

Alum coach Lauren Silberman ’08 on running and resilience.

Four students smiling in front of a farm fence.

6th grade overnight trip to River Valley Ranch

Good Neighbors

Middle School community engagement launches with 7th grade Conservation Corps

Woman construction supervisor wearing safety equipment and working on a tablet.

Alum Coach Maya Braxton ’10 on Work and Coaching a “Stone’s Throw” from GDS

Students together in a library posing as a group.

Seniors make the most of our College Applications Workshop

The Heart of a Hopper is Gold

Ziyah Holman ’20 and Team USA set an Under-20 WORLD RECORD in the 4x400-meter relay at the U20 Pan American Championships