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If you ask our students to name something unique in their GDS experience, they will tell you about the deep relationships they develop with their teachers.
Our exceptional teachers devote themselves to knowing each student well and understanding how best to challenge, support, and engage every individual.

The tenets of “A GDS Teacher Will…” were developed by our faculty as an accompaniment to the essential skills outlined by “A GDS Student Will….” The talent, purposefulness, and joy of our teachers are reflected in these statements.
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Joseph Adams

High School Security Staff

Jessica Ahn

Third Grade Teacher

Vinita Ahuja

Director of Extended Learning

Jason Aigen

High School Math Teacher

Yanira Aleman

High School History Teacher

Jane Alexander

Temporary Co-Director of College Counseling

Veronica Ampey

High School Athletic Trainer

Carlos Angulo

High School History Teacher

Bobby Asher

Director of Student Life and Wellness

Richard Avidon

High School History Teacher

Joan Ayap

Lower/Middle School Dance Teacher

Matthew Bachiochi

High School Computer Science Teacher and Maker-In-Residence
1 2 3 24 > showing 1 - 12 of 283 constituents

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GDS Expertise in Demand

GDS faculty and staff members have shared their expertise on a global level since the 2019-20 school year began.

Students playing a dice math game
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“This is too hard.” “I don’t get it.” “I will never know how to do this.” Having been a teacher for 18 years, these are not unfamiliar phrases to me...