All GDS Faculty and Staff group photo
Georgetown Day School is first and foremost a community, and the people who commit themselves each day to the excellence of our students’ daily lived experiences work to make the community a “home.” Authentic, human connections are at the heart of all we do.

Our faculty and staff are known for their talent, caring, and skill—and especially for the transformative partnerships they develop with each other and their students. The GDS Leadership Team, Board of Trustees, and our faculty and staff are leaders in their fields, who inspire students to be true to one’s self and succeed.

A GDS Teacher Will

  • Live the mission of the school, celebrating diversity, validating different perspectives, and affirming our shared identities.
  • Model and lead by example in setting high expectations and in caring for others and for oneself.
  • Partner and work collaboratively with all members of the community.
  • Inspire and empower students and colleagues.
  • Have a deep, broad knowledge of and passion for one’s subject and craft.
  • Be nimble, engaging, approachable, and connected.
  • Embrace innovative practices to instill and promote a lifelong love of learning.
  • Educate the whole child through diverse, equitable strategies that support, challenge, and engage every student.
  • Encourage students to improve their local, national, and global landscapes and give them the metacognitive skills to do so.
  • Take appropriate risks, make and learn from mistakes, and tackle challenges with creativity and flexibility in constantly seeking to grow in and reflect on practice.