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Georgetown Day School’s two campuses offer a variety of opportunities for members of the community to utilize our space. The School’s priorities for space use are: 1) curricular; 2) student, family, alumni, faculty and staff, and other members of our community; and 3) external individuals and groups who would like use the space consistent with the School’s mission and philosophy.

 If you are interested in using space at GDS:

  • Complete the form OR call 202-295-6179 with your event details, including:
    • type of space you need
    • type of event you plan to host 
    • date and time of your event 
  • If we can accommodate your request, we will send an event-specific memorandum of understanding and a standard facilities-use agreement (example available at right) for you to fill out and return.
  • The agreement will state the usage fee and security deposit (10% of the usage fee) due in advance, at least 7 days before your requested date. Most rentals require a minimum fee of $185/hour. The security deposit will be returned upon successful completion of the event.
  • Our contract requires proof of insurance for all use of the space.
  • Please expect a minimum two-week turn-around time for all space requests.

Available Facilities

Large Meeting Spaces

GDS has several large meeting spaces on each campus.  They range in capacity from 50 to 275 people seated lecture style.  
The Lower Middle School Campus has two such spaces: our Multipurpose Room and Black Box Theater. The Multipurpose Room includes a kitchen and supplies for our after-school program, and therefore may not be apropriate for all meeting types.  

The High School Campus has a variety of spaces for different sized groups.  There are 2 classrooms that can accommodate about 25 individuals or more.  There are several open spaces that can accommodate 75 people in an informal setting.  The Wrestling Room and Internet Cafe can accommodate 100-150 people and the Forum can accommodate about 275 people.   

Rates for these rooms vary from $75-$160/hour.

HS Forum and Internet Cafe

The High School Forum and Internet Cafe are lovely sites for lectures, conferences, and large gatherings.  The Forum consists of a large set of stairs and landings that can seat approximately 450 students (and maximum of 275 people when chairs are set up).  Up to 12 tables can be set up on the landings of the Forum itself.  It is equipped with a podium, projector, and microphone.

We do not recommend using the Forum or Internet Cafe before 7:30 pm on a weeknight because many students are still waiting to be picked up after sports or theater activities.  This space cannot be closed off, so if there are other activities taking place in the building, people may be walk by or stop to observe your event.  

The Forum generally costs $150/hour and the Internet Cafe usually costs $85/hour.  If you intend to use our podium, projector, and/or microphones, we may require you to hire a GDS technical support person to ensure that you are properly set up.


Classrooms are available for use on both campuses outside of school hours.  Classroom rates vary, depending on the day, time of use, and purpose of program from $25-$55/hour to $105-$210/day.

Gym Use

The GDS Lower/Middle School Gym is one of our most frequently used spaces.  It is available September through July, from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm on school days and from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The LMS gym is closed for outside use when school events are planned, on school holidays, and during the month of August.
The HS Gym is available for outside use from mid-February through June only (on weeknights beween 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.), and includes many black-out dates due to high school events.

Generally speaking, gym rentals must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • We will only allow outside groups to use the LMS gym on Saturdays and Sundays if we have a minimum 4 hour period.
  • We do not allow one-time use; we prefer a minimum 6–8 week ongoing use agreement.
  • The School may limit the number of hours each team may use the facility to maximize use by GDS families in order to allow for greater access for all.
  • The gym is available for outside use for athletic purposes only.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.
  • All participants (children and adults) must have a signed waiver to play.
  • Access to other areas of the school are not permitted (including weight rooms, the track, classrooms, etc.)
  • GDS will not furnish any athletic equipment. 
  • Insurance and a signed contract are required.
  • We provide a discounted rate for GDS families, when the GDS family member agrees to sign the contract and be present at all practices and games. 
  • Fees for use of space are not tax-deductible.

For all of our outside athletic groups, a single misuse of the space may result in the entire agreement being canceled. We are highly conscious of the fact that the gymnasium is the School's PE classroom and expect it to be used and left in the same condition in which it was left by our teachers.

The usage rate for the Lower Middle School Gym is $150/hour and the High School Gym rate is $210/hour.

Athletic Fields


Although our High School Field is rarely available for outside use,  the Lower Middle School Field is available for long-term, all-day use on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm.  The rate for our Lower Middle School Field is $168/hour.

Black Box Theaters

The Lower Middle School Black Box Theater is available year round at a rate of $150/hour.  Technical requirements and setup are limited and incur additional fees. Food and drink are not permitted in the theater. 

During the school year, our High School Black Box Theater is not available for use because it is used daily and nightly by students. However, it is available for outside use during the summer. Rates will vary depending on the use and length of the use.  The High School Black Box hourly rate is typically $315/hour, though a daily rate may be negotiable. 

In most cases, outside use of our theaters requires use of a GDS-approved technical theater support person.

Dance Studio

GDS's High School Dance Studio is a professional studio with a hardwood floor covered with marley, barres, and mirrors.  It is not often available during the school year due to the use by both our school dance groups and the Artist in Residence, Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company.  When the Dance Studio is available for outside use, it is available at a rate of $210/hour


The libraries on each campus are great for small gatherings and lectures. The rate is typically $100/hour at the Lower Middle School and up to $300/hour at our High School depending on setup required.  Food may not be served in the library and we require clear communication to guests that the books and magazines in the library are not included in the agreement and should not be browsed through, borrowed, or moved.

Wrestling Rooms

The Wrestling Rooms on each campus are available for use outside of wrestling season.  The regular rate is $85.00/hour.
The Lower Middle School Wrestling Room is fully padded and, though dark, serves as a good location for yoga classes or other activities where it is safe to move around in socks.  The High School Wrestling Room is a large, tiled space fitted with a projector, screen, and several bleachers.  In the past, it has been used for athletic training, fairs, and youth programs.

Tutoring At GDS

We recognize that our students and families sometimes make a decision to receive tutoring services. We encourage all tutors to work hand-in-hand with our learning specialists.  

To ensure that adults working on campus are held to the same standards as GDS staff members, we require a background check, a TB test, a certificate of insurance, and a signed memorandum of understanding from all tutors working with GDS students on campus. We also ask that tutors pay a $250/semester registration fee. We do not allow tutors to work with non-GDS students on campus. 

For futher information about tutoring on campus, please contact the appropriate divisional learning specialists.

Facilities FAQs

Do you allow outside groups to use space for parties or galas?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to host such events. We do not allow any groups to use space on either campus out for birthday parties, bar or bat mitzvahs, graduation parties, dinners, or galas unless they are official schoole events.

Do you allow outside groups to use space during the school day?

Typically, outside group use of the building begins after 7 p.m.  Unless there is an extremely extenuating circumstance of importance to the School, GDS does not make its facilities available during the school day.

Do you require a security deposit?

We require a security deposit of at least 10% in excess of the fees for the use of the space. This deposit is returned upon successful completion of your event.

When are fees due?

We ask that all fees be paid in advance, no less than 7 days before an event date.

Are your rates all standard?

Rates are usually standard. However, prices will vary depending on the day, time, setup, technology and personal requirements of an event.  Evenings and weekends include additional security or maintenance fees, especially if the building wouldn't otherwise be opened.

If School events take priority, will my event get canceled?

It is very rare that we cannot accomodate a scheduled event in another location.  However, school events – scheduled or otherwise – take priority over rental events.  If an event is scheduled, but a school meeting of high priority comes up and cannot be accommodated elsewhere, a rental may be cancelled or postponed at the School’s discretion.

May we serve food or use a caterer?

GDS is happy to allow food and can recommend caterers whom we regularly use. We do not have a cafeteria, nor do we have kitchen facilities, so it is best to bring prepared food.  In order to ensure the health of our students, we do restrict certain foods in different spaces due to food-allergies. Food and drink are never permitted in our Black Box Theaters, dance, technology, science, or athletic spaces.

May we serve alcohol at our event?

Alcohol is not permitted on campus.

Are dogs and other pets permitted on campus?

Service dogs that are clearly identified as working animals are the only pets permitted on campus.

Do you allow religious or political groups to use your facilities?

No. Due to our 501C3 and status bond agreement, we are unable to host religiously affiliated or political events on campus. 

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