About the Board

Since its founding by seven families in 1945, Georgetown Day School has been ably served by a Board of Trustees composed of parents, alumni, and other key community members. While serving in a voluntary capacity, the trustees work closely with the Head of School to ensure the short and long-term financial health of the School and to safeguard the School’s founding purpose as a racially and religiously inclusive school whose educational philosophy derives from the belief that diversity is the ground out of which great learning grows. The Board’s focus is strategic and board members rightly prioritize the experience of all GDS students over their own children’s.

The GDS Board carries out many of its responsibilities through working committees that make recommendations for action by the entire Board. The Board selects from its membership a chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer.

The majority of board members are current GDS parents elected by the parent body. Each spring, ​trustees are elected ​for a regular term of three years. Board ​members may serve two consecutive (full or partial) terms up to a maximum​ of six years. The Board Chair may extend his/her term of office for two additional ​years​ to fill out a maximum term as Chair of up to three years​, and officer ​terms ​may ​be ​extend​ed​ for one additional year​​. If a board member resigns before​ concluding a term, the Board appoints a replacement for the remainder of that term. Board members may be re-elected ​or re-appointed after a one-year break in service.


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Georgetown Day School is a coed, preK-12, non-sectarian private school in Washington, DC with small class sizes and a diverse school community. Our comprehensive, innovative curriculum includes hands-on learning, honors and AP classes, as well as advanced-level math and STEM courses. An education is not just college prep and SAT scores. GDS teachers focus on providing the best education for each child, from elementary grades through high school. The school performing arts program includes theater, dance, and music. The athletics program offers competitive sports for student athletes, including cross-country, track, soccer, lacrosse, and crew/rowing. With our strong commitment to financial aid, an independent school tuition is affordable.