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Danny Stock
The first-ever GDS Chinese language literary journal, The Grasshopper Chinese Journal, which arrived on campus this week, was an extraordinary labor of love. Yet, it’s still just the tip of the iceberg. The 35 student-written essays printed in the journal were also submitted to the prestigious University of Iowa Chinese-language journal The Juhe Supplement. Each year, the journal accepts approximately 30 Chinese-language essays for publication, drawn from more than a hundred submissions from students at well-respected universities and colleges across the U.S. On average, one essay from a high school student will merit publication annually. This year, the journal has accepted two high school essays from Georgetown Day School students alone.

陈仁毅 [Ren-E Tan ’21] and 施敬文 [Ethan Sze ’20] collaborated to submit 新加坡和美国中文教育比较 [Comparisons of Chinese Language Education in Singapore and the U.S.] Ren-E explained, “Our essay details the first-hand experiences of Ethan learning Chinese in America and my learning of Chinese in Singapore. We make a comparison of the two education systems through the juxtaposition of our personal observations.”

Upon learning that their essay would be published, Ethan humbly wrote, “I find that being accepted into this prestigious journal really reflects the progress and the passion that Min Wang has brought to the Chinese program at GDS. It's not every day one gets published in a journal, let alone in another language. It’s something I am very proud of and also something I look forward to building on in the future.”

朴卫吉 [Viraj Prakash ’20] submitted the personal essay 我住过的城市 [The City Where I Lived]. He explained, “In my essay I talk about my experiences in Hong Kong, where I stayed for four years. Hong Kong is a very special city to me, and I feel fortunate to be able to share my personal life experiences with others through this journal.”

High school Chinese teacher Min Wang explained the value of students’ inclusion in the publications, not only for the prestige, but also for encouraging students to value their own story. She said, “It is a big honor to be published there because most of the essays published in The Juhe Supplement are from students at top-tier universities or colleges. Our Grasshopper Journal is also an important platform for students to share their projects and learn from each other. The publication has given many of them a sense of accomplishment and some seniors shared this work in their college applications.”

The University of Iowa, world-renowned for its creative writing programs, places The Juhe Supplement in high regard. For those proficient in Chinese, you can view the PDF of the Grasshopper Chinese Journal. Hard copies of The Juhe Supplement will be available in May. You can read the 2018 version.

Tianlu of The Juhe Supplement Editorial Committee wrote to Min: “This year we received 113 submissions from 29 different programs...After a careful review, we finally selected 34 essays. Among them two are from Georgetown Day School. Please send our congratulations to these students whose essays have been selected. All of your students' writings were very impressive to read, and we wished we could have more of them in the journal. It was a hard decision to make.”

As Min likes to say, "Chinese is not difficult, it is just different. Over a billion people speak the language. You can do it too."

Full list of High Schoolers whose writing is represented in the Grasshopper Chinese Journal:
Level 3 Chinese Class
Alessandro Arioti ’21 艾山卓
Pallavi Bhargava ’22 白萍雅
Julius Boxer-Cooper ’22 朱立思
Ike Cymerman ’22 萨爱思
Julian Galkin ’22 高居廉
Sofia Greenfield ’22 古思飞
Asaad Hassan ’21 韩森
Tabitha Lynn ’21 林碧丽
Carly Paschall ’21 庞开丽
Lizzie Rosenman ’22 罗立孜
Joyce Simmons ’22 石瑞雪
Harrison West ’22 西海瑞
Annabel Williams ’22 卫安娜
Nathan Wohlstadter ’21 王汉文
Sophie Zinn ’22 曾苏飞

Level 4 Chinese Class
Aidan Banerjee ’21 叶文冰
Teddy Boss ’20 贝拓德
Olivia Gottdenker ’21 高恩雅
Ilan Hamond ’21 何奕天
Sivana Hamond ’21 何思娜
Cole Leonard ’21 罗克
Rachel Passer ’21 裴芮秋
Jack Shambaugh ’21 沈杰
Justice Shelton ’21 史哲迪
Alistair Simmons ’21 石力达
Ethan Sze ’20 施敬文
Ren Tan ’21 陈仁毅

Level 5 Period 4 Chinese Class
Wes Cooper ’20 孔维轩
Corey DiBianco ’20  迪欣
Will Foster ’19 冯伟
Jamie Hedlund ’19 杰米
Theo Hockstader ’19 何奕欧
Nick Moen ’19 莫礼贤
Laila Nashid ’19 倪磊拉
Viraj Prakash ’20 朴卫吉
Lara Stroud ’20 石玲然

Level 5 Period 6 Chinese Class
Abigail Bergreen ’20 白爱蓓
Asher Boorstin ’20 毕爱书
Lucía Driessen ’19 庄璐佳
Micah Hurewitz ’20 洪明凯
Addie Lowenstein ’22 罗艾青
Solomon Presser ’19 于知谦
Kate Strong ’20 史可恬
Caleb Stutman-Shaw ’20 萧克朗
Berret Yuffee ’20 余蓓芮
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