Nothing Standing Between You & Your Dream
Danny Stock
“What do you eat and what’s your favorite food?”

“Is it hard to sleep in space?”

When you’re talking to an astronaut floating above Earth in the International Space Station, these are the important questions 5-year-olds need to know. And students in one of GDS’s PK/K classrooms got the chance to ask them when NPR correspondent Lulu Garcia-Navarro visited, along with a special guest from space: astronaut Anne McClain.

Speaking via video link, students got to watch Anne practice her flips in the zero-gravity environment, learn how difficult it would be to eat rice in space (spoiler: it would all float out of the bowl!), and imagine their own future space travel possibilities. (Anne thinks these students might have a chance to step on Mars’ surface.)

When she was just three, Anne told her mom she wanted to be an astronaut. Now an embodiment of what it looks like when you work toward—and achieve—a dream, Anne was an inspiration to the students: “You can really do anything you put your mind to, no matter what anyone tells you... the dreams you have right now very well could be in your future,” she said.

Listen to the interview on NPR’s website » 

Thank you to Lulu Garcia-Navarro for bringing this great experience to our school!
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