Making This Moment Matter
Danny Stock

This article honors the GDS students and alumni we’ve spotted in recent days and weeks leading social justice work in their respective spheres. We share their work here in an effort to increase the impact of their leadership. Read six of their stories below and support their leadership to make this moment matter.

1) Six members of the class of 2014 (friends since kKindergarten) who researched organizations supporting Black communities and set up a fundraising page to collect donations for five selected organizations

2) Sophomore Marleigh Ausbrooks leading a powerful chant from a traffic post in the newly named Black Lives Matter Plaza in front of the White House...(can't view there? alternate link here)

3) An article by alum Michael Osaghae ’16 in Medium called My People Are Dying and It’s Not Just the Murders

4) An interview of Senator Mitt Romney by Washington Post Hannah Natanson '15 during a march of Christian protesters on Black Lives Matter Plaza...

5) 9th grader Pilar Holder marching with Jack and Jill DC Chapter families (far right foreground)...

6) Seniors Josh Marchand, Saul Atwood, Ethan Litmans, Ellie Asher, and Bita Khadivi organizing supplies and resources to support protesters in the DMV (also on Instagram).

We express our gratitude to the GDS students and alumni who are taking the tools learned at GDS and putting them to work. They are making this moment matter.

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