Euro Challenge Success
Danny Stock

The five GDS High School participants in the annual Euro Challenge competition have won the DMV regional and advanced the semi-final round to be hosted remotely May 12-18. This is the farthest GDS participants have progressed in this European Union-hosted event in history. Congratulations to Pierce DeCain ’22, Maddie Feldman ’22, Luke Flyer ’22, Noah Shelton ’22, and Annabel Williams ’22 with faculty sponsor Sue Ikenberry!

In early March, as Mid-Atlantic communities began canceling events or shifting to virtual platforms, five GDS students participated remotely in the annual Euro Challenge competition. In preparation, Annabel, Luke, Maddie, Noah, and Pierce, had studied economic conditions in Slovakia throughout the year. During the competition, they were tasked with presenting economic issues and solutions before a panel of judges who are European Union staff members.

Annabel kicked off the team’s presentation. As she closed the introduction, she said, “Today will be discussing the issue of managing migration flows In order to resolve the problem of slow GDP growth in Slovakia.” 

Noah followed by providing background on the current economic state of the Eurozone, including an acknowledgement of the impact of COVID-19. Before handing off to Luke, he said, “What is likely, however, is a slowdown and stagnation of the Eurozone economy going into the near future.” 

At the top of each team member’s script, demonstrating the unsurprising thoughtful preparation of GDS students, they had written, “Remember: Say things with confidence.” No doubt these Mighty Hoppers will carry that confidence, preparation, and poise into the semi-finals.


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