Building Community Layer By Layer
Danny Stock

The back-and-forth banter from these faculty members captures what good, caring hands our Middle School students are in, and the joyful engagement they find in time spent together.

Wednesday, 10:03 AM, Mayra Diaz, Assistant Principal

Dear 7th Grade Advisors,

I was in Charles' advisory this morning and brought the super-size Jenga with me for their enjoyment. In true MS fashion, enjoyment transformed into an advisory challenge—of course! If you are "game," the challenge is this: maintain the tallest Jenga tower within 10 minutes (of advisory time). There are two rules: all students must participate (even as they trickle into advisory), and, you [advisor] must submit a photo with your advisory standing next to the tower for proof. 

The winning advisory receives bragging rights and some small treat (which should be advertised as enormous and priceless). ;-)

I delivered the Jenga set to Jorge for tomorrow. He can pass it along to whoever would like it next.

Ethan Burns, Advisor & Science Teacher

Challenge accepted!!!! My advisory will be practicing with our mini Jenga set tomorrow! 

Love this idea


Mary Petras, Advisor & Math Teacher

We have a mini knock-off Jenga that we will practice with as well! Happy to accept the challenge once we return from the bay trip :)

Jana Rupp, Advisor & Math Teacher

Me too! 

Jorge Baez-Mora, Advisor & Spanish Teacher

Hello Team,

My advisory had a good time today. I delivered the Jenga set to Erika for tomorrow. 



Debby Previna, Middle School Principal

I love this! Thank you for sharing Jorge! 



That's a high bar to set! Great photo.


Here are Charles’ advisory receipts!


Thanks for relifting, Mary!

Perry Degener, Advisor & History Teacher

We have it and plan to compete tomorrow morning

Erika Carlson, Advisory & History Teacher

Thanks for the reminder. We got 31 layers before the Bay Trip!


I love the faces in this pic.

Vida, Middle School Administrative Assistant

These are amazing!!


Who's left???

Lauren Thompson, Grade Level Coordinator, Advisor & Math Teacher

Team Lauren!!!


We have the blocks this morning. We got to 32 layers but ran out of time and knocked it down to get to class. Should we pass this along or do it during the long advisory? This was awesome!



Our soundtrack during the Jenga challenge was the songs of Guys and Dolls Jr. While the excitement was palpable and the music delightful, the competition was tough. We only got 29 layers. I've passed the game on to Lauren! 


Onto the next group!
This really made my advisees work together, give each other a turn, and cheer each other on. Such a good idea! We were at 26 rows before time was up. Ten Minutes is so short when trying to be strategic!!


Jenga tower falls. Students laugh.


Despite my advisees' plan to build on the floor for more stability, we only got to 28 layers in the 10 minutes. So much fun! The best part was when they tried to take a group photo and accidentally knocked it down in the process. Enjoy the faces in these action shots!

Thank you for this community "builder," Mayra.

Perry, has your advisory done the challenge? How far did you get? I'm happy to send it back down to your group!

**Tally So Far**
Charles - 30 layers high
Jorge - 32 layers high
Erika - 31 layers high
Mary - 26 layers high
Ethan - 32 layers high
Jana - 29 layers high
Lauren - 28 layers high



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