Build Networks

Wau Bulan

An authentic cultural experience and an uplifting performance

Ours was the Best

Minimester 2019 participants explain their incredible experiences.

Innovate & Create

Take Risks

Four students smiling in front of a farm fence.

6th grade overnight trip to River Valley Ranch


Think Critically

Biased Sources

Informed by opposing viewpoints, 8th grade students reflect on their Hill Day experiences.


Student speaking before classmates.

GDS Creative Writing presents an 8th Grade poetry reading and the 1st Grade Authors’ Brunch

M.I.L.K. versus D.O.N.U.T.S.

A 4th grade project inspires outstanding strategies for successful collaboration and some unforgettable acronyms.

Tackle Problems

Hop Shop

High School entrepreneurs serve up what’s needed.

2018 Consent Summit

More than 300 participants assembled at GDS for the 3rd Annual Summit on Sexual Assault and Consent.

Learn Actively

GDS History Lab

Women who shaped America in the 19th and early 20th century

Published Authors in Chinese

The GDS Chinese program launches its first Chinese language journal and students are published in a national journal.

Engage Ethically

Good Neighbors

Middle School community engagement launches with 7th grade Conservation Corps


Leadership Day

Fifth grade students explore and engage their best selves

The Gift of Song

Eliza Kravitz ’19 reaches back to Middle School to inspire the next wave of GDS performers.