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ASP and SSEGWay operate daily from the end of classes until 6:00 PM, including Wednesdays when classes end an hour early. Also, ASP and SSEGWay provide programming until 6:00 PM on the two days during the year when school is dismissed at noon. Please note that ASP and SSEGWay do not operate on days when GDS is officially closed, including vacations, conference days, staff in-service days, and when the School is closed due to inclement weather. Registration for the After-School Program opens in August before the start of the new school year.
ASP and SSEGWay Fees
After-School Enrichment Program Policies
Please carefully review the following Policies. Should you have any questions or need further clarifications of these policies, contact Gregory Henderson at or 202-295-6179.

ASP and SSEGWay Times
ASP and SSEGWay and all enrichment classes are held every school day starting 3:15 PM (2:15 PM Wednesday) and at 12:00 PM on the two half-days before holidays. ASP and SSEGWay DO NOT meet on Field Day. All programs end promptly at 6:00 p.m. each day.

Inclement Weather
If school closes early due to inclement weather, ASP and SSEGWay will remain open until the last child is picked up; we do ask parents to pick up their children as soon as possible.

After-School Enrichment Program Fees
When you register for an After-School Enrichment Program, you will be responsible for a seasonal registration fee and any materials fees. For each program in which your child participates, you will be responsible for a daily fee ($23/day for LS and $20/day for MS) for the entire program time.

Registration Fees
Registration fees for the After-School Program are as follows:
Seasonal: Regular for ASP: $90
Regular for SSEGWay: $60 
Late: $105
Late for SSEGWay: $75

Financial Aid
Families currently receiving financial aid receive the same percentage of assistance on the After-School fees as on tuition. The Financial Aid fee for the Hopper Express is $100 for the year. There is no financial aid for Hop2It. Financial Aid is not applicable towards material fees, registration fees, unregistered drop-ins or late pick-up fees. To apply your financial aid percent when you register online, enter the financial aid code which has been emailed to you.  If you do not have the financial aid code, please contact Gregory Henderson.

Payment Policy
Payment may be made at the time of registration. You are financially responsible for all days for which you are registered, whether or not your student attends or if school is unexpectedly canceled (for instance, due to inclement weather). Bills for seasonal participation will be sent out in October, January, and April. Invoices for late pick-up and drop-in fees will be issued on a monthly basis. If you have outstanding debts in a given program, your child may not participate in that program until you have settled your account with the Business Office.

Cancellation Policy
Registration and materials fees are non-refundable. Should you decide to withdraw from a program, contact Gregory Henderson ( no later than 9:00 a.m. the day following second-class/program meeting. When you withdraw after the first or second class, you will be responsible for paying for the number of sessions (meaning the daily $23 or $20 fee) that have taken place up until this time as well as any materials and registration fees incurred. All fees are non-refundable after 9:00 a.m. on the day following the second class. After that date, you are financially responsible for the entire season and the registration and materials fees regardless of whether or not your child attends.

Registering for the After-School Enrichment Programs

GDS offers a variety of After-School Enrichment Programs. Please click here to register now. Note that we have changed the ASP/SSEGWay and Enrichment Program registration to include 3 seasons, each requiring separate registration.
Season 1: September through November (Registration opens in August)
Season 2: December through February (Registration opens in November)
Season 3: March through June (Registration opens in February)

GDS Bus Service Registration
In addition to registering for after-school enrichment programs, you may use the After-School Program form to register for Hopper Express and Hop2It service, GDS’s morning and afternoon bus services between the high school and the LMS in the morning and the LMS and the Bethesda Pool in the afternoon.

Late Registrations
Students may join the after-school program and SSEGWay after the registration period has ended, but it may not be possible to join a class mid-season. If registration for a season has closed, please contact Gregory Henderson to register. After 2 drop-ins, students are automatically registered for the current ASP or SSEGWay season and charged the late registration fee.

Dropping In and Picking Up
Pick-Up Procedure
To ensure your child’s safety, s/he may not leave the building unaccompanied. We require that you or an authorized adult enter the Lower School or Middle School Lobby to sign out your student(s). We ask that you list on this application the names of the people permitted to pick up your child or that you e-mail the After-School Program Director with instructions for pick-up. Please understand that if we do not recognize the person picking up your child, we may ask for ID and will call home if that person is not on the approved pick-up list.

Late Pick-Ups
All after-school activities end at 6:00 p.m. The new late pick up policy: $15 penalty for every 10 minutes after 6:00 pm (rounded up, by the School's clock) you are late to pick up your child for the first 3 pickups for the year and then $25 per $10 minutes after the 4th late pickup. You will be billed for these charges on a monthly basis. An adult must enter the building to sign your child out of the program at the end of the day, even if your child is to remain on campus for an evening activity, such as a dance. An ASP or SSEGWay staff member must remain with your child until s/he has been signed out and you will be responsible for any late pick-up fees. Financial Aid is not applicable towards these charges.

ASP and SSEGWay Drop-In Policy
As per the Parent/Student Handbook, if your child is on campus after 4 p.m. (3 p.m. on Wednesdays) by the school's clock and is not actively supervised by a non-ASP/SSEGWay adult, s/he will be enrolled in the After-School or SSEGWay Program as a drop-in child. This includes students who are not with their tutors, students participating in a non-ASP program, students who are returning from sports, etc. and who have not been picked up within 15 minutes of the determined end time. Even if a parent/guardian is in the building, the child will be considered a drop-in to ASP or SSEGWay if he/she is unattended in any part of the building including the library, Big Toy, and/or computer lab. In these cases, for safety, s/he will be enrolled in the After-School/SSEGWay Program and applicable drop-in charges will apply.

Please note: If you drop-in on the same day of the week for three (3) consecutive days of the week (e.g. 3 Mondays in a row), you will be registered and charged for the ASP or SSEGWay program for that day unless arrangements are made at the start of the season.

Registered Drop-In Policy
You may choose to pay the registration fee and become a registered drop-in, incurring a $23/day ($20/day for SSEGWay) drop-in rate instead of the higher, unregistered drop-in rate.

Unregistered Drop-In Policy
Unregistered students who drop-in to the After-School or SSEGWay Programs will be charged $35/day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and $45/day on Wednesdays. For unregistered drop-ins with pick-ups before 4:30 p.m. (3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays) there is a $15 charge until a total of 3 drop-ins (for the year, regardless of pick-up time) have been reached.
There is a 2-time per season limit for unregistered drop-ins. On the occasion of the third drop-in, you will be charged a late-registration fee and be registered as a drop-in for the remainder of the season (seasons run from September through November, December through February, and March through June) . In addition, there is a $75 drop-in fee on the two days when the school releases early before winter and spring break.
After-School Program Policy Details
15-Minute Grace Period

Restricted Areas


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